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1312 14th Street, Suite 200

Plano, Texas 75074


Pelley Law Building across street from

First Baptist Church 

*Walking distance to historic downtown Plano

*2 Minutes from City Line 

Relax and enjoy!  This facial focuses on promoting cellular turnover and collagen stimulation.  Cherry breaks down and removes dead skin cells promoting natural radiance.  Chocolate is a super power anti-oxidant which is also deeply hydrating.  The treatment is complete with the addition of the new Rezenerate Nano Facial technique which permeates anti-oxidants deep into the skin while providing additional exfoliation and collagen stimulation.  Results in immediate visible brightening and tightening of skin.  Treatment includes extended sugar scrub and hot stone massage for the feet!


75 minutes/$125

$10 Skin Script Product Purchase Credit for Same Day Purchase